Technology for Selling Prepaid Products and Services

We offer a wide variety of POS technology solutions for any retail environment, ranging from prepaid-only terminals, to terminals that are combined with debit/credit systems, to integrated host to host solutions, to Web and App based solutions that allow you to sell Prepaid Products using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
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POS Terminals

Point of Sale Terminals give retailers an easy way to sell prepaid products and services in real time. It’s easy to use, offering:

  • Multi-tiered security
  • Comprehensive terminal reporting
  • Product download capability – so you always have the best mix of products on offer
  • Bar coding allows you to scan products, making reconciliation as easy as possible
  • Point-of-Sale Activation (POSA), Virtual Vouchers or Real-Time Recharge (RTR) transactions
  • Multi-language support
  • Communication via dial-up or TCP/IP connection

Web Store

Our Web Store turns your computer, tablet or smartphone into a Point-of-Sale terminal for selling prepaid products. Any computer or device can be used to connect with Payment Source using your current Internet connection and printer.

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Available for PCs or as a mobile app
  • Mag Reader integration for Point-of-sale Activation (POSA) of gift cards, financial products and long distance cards
  • Activate card-based products by swiping them through the cash register, generate a voucher with a PIN number, or send an SMS text message right to your customer’s phone

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Host to Host

We can also integrate our electronic delivery software into retailers’ existing third-party or proprietary point-of-sale register systems. Gain access to new revenue streams quickly and easily.

  • Payment Source is partnered with some of the industry’s leading point-of-sale developers to deliver unrivaled ease of use, consolidation of benefits, convenience, and security.
  • One-step process for capturing, processing and auditing sales within your existing infrastructure.
  • Activate card-based products by swiping them through the cash register or generate a voucher with a PIN number.

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